Thursday, January 24, 2013

23 weeks!


The day after Thanksgiving I flew to Virginia to spend a week with Christan and her family. I found out that when your'e pregnant you can preboard...BOOYAH! We did lots of fun things while I was there, we went to Georgetown, did some shopping and went to Georgetown Cupcake! We went to Arlington National Cemetery, it was freezing, but was a really good experience. One day we made cinnamon rolls and she taught me how to make burp cloths. We went to Breaking Dawn part 2 with shakes from Chick-fil-A. We put up all the Christmas decorations and watched Brave. It was so fun and I can't wait till we can go visit again!


Thanksgiving was at my dad's house this year and the whole family was there except for Erick and Kacie's family. It was so fun to see Harper and Kaylee again, those girls are so funny. We had the annual football game, the annual arguements and lots of good food. The best part though...because it was a holiday Erick got to call me and we got to talk for more than 15 minutes! Him and a wingman were able to go have Thanksgiving with a family off base and they let him call me and they emailed me some pictures of him! 

Baby Shower

A few days before Thanksgiving my mom and Tori threw a baby shower for me. There was lots of good food, we played a few games and I got a lot of awesome things for the baby!

19 weeks!

19 weeks's a boy!! I was right :)

Anniversary Trip!

For our 1st anniversary we decided to drive up to Grace, Idaho to visit my brothers family. We went to the Soda Springs Geyser, and went trick-or-treating with the girls, watched movies, and Harper and I did lots of puzzles. It was so fun to spend time with them, we have missed them a lot since they moved. Erick had drill that weekend so we had to head back to the base but on the way we stopped at the Logan temple and walked around. Once Erick was done with drill for the day we went to the Hill Aerospace Museum. It was an eventful weekend with lots of emotion and I'm glad its over. 


Our little nugget at 10 weeks! I think it's a boy. He was doing summersaults and moving the whole time!